Susan Harker

Corrective Exercice Specialist 

Tel: +44 (0)7826 258294 


Invest to, prevent, recover and transform yourself, mouvement-for-life provides scientifically based exercice programmes, pilates matwork and Reformer pilates which is individually and holisticallt designed to achieve your goals.

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Novotel West London Hotel – Hammersmith, W6 8DR

Whatever the goals or fitness levels, I am there to challenge my clients – and to give TLC when needed!
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Fully-trained, I’m specialist practitioner in all areas of physical improvement, whether augmenting abilities already there, or helping a person to recover from accidental or post-operative injury, or helping to inculcate the good practice that will allow a person to grow older with the minimum of pain.

With over 17 years of professional practise, I have a wide range of qualifications and experience in the Health and Fitness sector. Depending on a client’s abilities and goals, I use a variety of exercise tools, from BOSU, rollers, the Swiss ball, wobble boards, elastics, weights, body-weight and of course Pilates.
With my qualification in Biokinetics (literally: life movement, a South African concept), I work with specialists, such as physiotherapists, doctors and orthopaedic surgeons. This intra-referral scheme has benefitted clients’ progress, enabling them to reach their goals much faster.
I have worked with clients in a class setting and also with patients on a
one-to-one basis; with children, geriatrics, and people with special needs.

My area of expertise lies in designing appropriate exercise programmes to improve a client’s strength, flexibility, balance and posture, so that they can move freely in their daily lives.

I should be delighted to help you to achieve your personal goal, whatever it may be and whatever your age or physical condition. It is what I do. It is my passion!